What is the lynx?

The Lynx is a Bullpup Mag-Fed Pump-Action Homemade Blaster for half length darts designed for the sport of Competitive Dart Tag. It features closed bolt mag swaps, slam-fire, is compatible with all longshot and talon claw springs, and can be completely disassembled without tools.

You can find FPS numbers here. The FPS is mostly determined by the strength of the spring, the length and tightness of the barrel, and the quality/type of darts used. The Lynx is in general most consistent when tuned for setups anywhere from 150 fps to 250 fps.

You can find an overview and assembly video here and an animation of how it works here.

How can I buy or build a Lynx?

If you want to make a Lynx you will need a hardware kit and a set of printed parts, and then you can follow the assembly video found below to put it together. Scroll down to see a list of licensed vendors that sell hardware kits, printed parts and preassembled blasters.

To use a Lynx you will also need a talon magazine, some quality short darts, eye protection, and a safe place to use the blaster.

The original Lynx was designed to use imperial dimensioned hardware (inches and feet) that is easily sourced in the United States. It’s called the “imperial spec” Lynx and there is only one version so you can mix and match vendors for the imperial hardware kit and imperial printed parts set. A few people have remixed the Lynx to use metric hardware. Each metric remix is slightly unique, so check with each metric hardware and prints vendor to verify compatibility!

Want to make the hardware yourself? Check out the BOM here. Printing the parts yourself? Files are here.

Licensed Original Lynx Makers

There are now a lot of Lynx knockoffs. Only the people on this list pay licensing fees to Orion Blasters and are authorized to sell Lynxes. I’ve handled a knockoff Lynx and in my (obviously biased) opinion they fail to achieve the one advantage injection molded blasters are supposed to have over 3D printed blasters: durability. In addition they got rid of the quick takedown feature so spring swaps and plunger maintenance is now a chore. That said they are cheaper because they are mass produced – just know that I am not receiving any money from the sale of those knockoff products.

North America

(Imperial spec) Assembled Blasters, Lynx hardware kits and Lynx Printed Parts from Silverfox Industries

(Imperial spec) Assembled Lynxes, Lynx hardware kits, and Lynx Build-It-Yourself Kits from Out Of Darts

(Imperial spec) Assembled Blasters and upgrade parts from From Pro Shop

(Imperial spec) Printed Parts and Assembled Blasters from Midnight Blasters 

(Imperial spec) Assembled Blasters and printed parts from Mitch (link TBA)

(Imperial spec/Universal) Printed parts from PinkDragonTuning

(Imperial spec) Printed parts from TriangleFabrications

(Imperial spec) Printed parts from EcstaticPlastic

(Imperial spec) Printed parts and BIY kits from WowTrains

(Imperial spec) Assembled Blasters from Foamdemic


(Metric spec) Hardware Kits from Herbmeister, files here

(Metric spec) Assembled Blasters from Viking Foam Arms


(Metric spec) Assembled Blasters from James Xu


(Imperial Spec) Assembled Blasters and printed parts from PiggyJJ

SLYNX (Singapore Lynx Blaster, Metric Spec) Assembled Blasters and Hardware Kits from IdealFoamBlasters



Licensed Lynx-Derivative Distributers (Lynx Guardian)

The follow distributors pay Orion Blasters a licensing fee for every “Lynx Guardian” blaster sold. Orion Blasters was not involved in the design or manufacturing of the “Lynx Guardian” blaster.

I (Dan) appreciate these distributors supporting me through the licensing fee. Other distributors may be selling the blaster at a lower price but are not paying a licensing fee.

Ideal Foam Blaster

Blast! Pro Shop

Video Overview and Assembly Guide

Files (Imperial Spec)


BOM (Imperial Spec)



Community Made Lynx Mods

Not tested or endorsed by Orion Blasters but definitely cool enough to list on the website

Lynx Pump Shroud and Cheek Riser By EnderSavesTheDay

Lynx Scifi Remix By Rzt4097

Lynx Ergo Stock by AhaleKelly

Lynx Orange Tip by DreadPirateRobertsIV

Lynx Cosmetic and Brass Parts plus Icicle Grip by ChickenCreations

Markforged-Optimized Lynx remix by Nickrarri

Lynx Compatible String Scar by ChickenCreations

Lynx Thumbhole Stock by PiggyJJ

Lynx HPA conversion by Atch Attachments

Lynx Slim, Super, Ultra, and Ultimate Slim Mag Catches by DWLRazgriz

(Lynx compatible) Rifled Barrel Attachment by TriangleFabrications

Lynx Kryptek Skin by Distinct21

Lynx Small Hex Skin by Distinct21

Lynx Big Hex Skin by Distinct21

Lynx Extended Stock by UPWDesign

Lynx Poor Mans Extended Stock by JEM_3DPrints

Lynx Thumbhole Handle by PiggyJJ

Lynx Adjustable Stock by RZRider (1) (2)

Lynx Breach Loading Magwell by TKL568976

Barrel Extension for Tacticool Mods by Egghebrecht

Troubleshooting Guide (Coming Soon)