Lynx Files

I am releasing these files under the CC – SA – NC license. What this means in plain English:

  • You may print these files for yourself.
  • You may print these files for a friend. You may not charge them, except to cover filament costs.
  • If you wish to sell prints for more than filament costs (i.e. selling prints for profit) we must come to an agreement beforehand.
  • You may remix/modify the files and publish you remix/modification, however the files retain the same CC-SA-NC license as the original files
    • The exception here is that you are free to use parts of the lynx (magazine well, catch mechanism, grip etc.) in your own blasters designs which you may release under whatever license you wish. Attribute me if you’re feeling nice. If you are instead simply making a “better” lynx (like the talon claw modification of the caliburn) you may only release the files under the original license.
    • Another example: If you add spikes to the grip, you may publish the file (attribute me and publish it under the CC-SA-NC license) but you cannot sell prints of this file unless we come to an agreement. However, if you create a new grip from scratch that works with the lynx, you are free to publish/sell however you would like.

Look at the readme file for more information.

  • Revised the plunger spacer to work with the slight hardware change (see here)
  • Sometimes the plunger tube would run into the sear a bit, so modified the sear to have a little more clearance
  • Changed up the catch 1 part to take some of the slop out of the catch assemble, needed for the future metal catch upgrade…
  • Smoothed out a part of the magwell that the magazine release would get caught on
  • Added an extended buttplate and barrel stabilizing shims to the extras folder
  • Added turnaround and plunger STLs for those that want to print them
  • Tweaked plunger geometry a little
  • Fixed typos, removed herobrine, etc etc
  • Cleaned up and simplified files. Added a little more explanation to the readme. Moved the pump rail down a tad to add support for some 3D printed foregrips.

  • Initial Release