Photo credit: Valour

What is the lynx?

The Lynx is a Bullpup Mag-Fed Pump-Action Homemade Blaster for half length darts. It features closed bolt mag swaps, slam-fire, is compatible with all longshot and talon claw springs, and can be completely disassembled without tools.

You can find FPS numbers here.

Where can I get one?

(Imperial spec) Hardware Kits from OrionBlasters

Licensed Lynx Makers:

North America

(Imperial spec) Assembled Blasters, BIY kits, and printed parts from Silverfox Industries

(Imperial spec) Assembled Blasters and printed parts from FoamFoundry

(Imperial spec) Assembled Blasters and printed parts from Mitch (link TBA)

(Universal) TPU Lynx Grips and Buttplates from PinkDragonTuning


(Metric spec) Hardware Kits from Herbmeister

(Metric spec) Assembled Blasters from Viking Foam Arms


(Metric spec) Assembled Blasters from James Xu

(Metric spec) Assembled Blasters and printed parts from 炮灰粉末


(Imperial Spec) Assembled Blasters and printed parts from PiggyJJ

Video Overview and Assembly Guide




Community Made Lynx Mods

Lynx Pump Shroud and Cheek Riser By EnderSavesTheDay

Lynx Scifi Remix By Rzt4097

Lynx Ergo Stock by AhaleKelly

Lynx Orange Tip by DreadPirateRobertsIV

Lynx Cosmetic and Brass Parts plus Icicle Grip by ChickenCreations

Markforged-Optimized Lynx remix by Nickrarri

Lynx Compatible String Scar by ChickenCreations

Lynx Thumbhole Stock by PiggyJJ

Lynx HPA conversion by Atch Attachments