Silverfox and Out of Darts are taking over Lynx hardware kit production, build it yourself kits and assembled blaster sales. I now have much more time to work on new products and update existing ones. Cheers! -Dan

0.527″ Inner Diameter Barrel, custom length

Starting at $2.50



0.527″ ID 0.625″ OD Aluminum. Same relatively loose barrel material that comes stock with Lynxes/Caliburns/Talon Claws etc.

$1.50 to cut & chamfer + $0.25 per inch. I can cut to about 0.005″ precision.

I can easily ship materials up to 23″ in length. Email me if you want something longer. This listing is really just meant for those wanting to buy one or two – if you’re looking to do a bulk order, please email me orion blasters @ gmail dot com

For reference

Lynx: 15.5″ or 18.5″

Talon Claw: 12″+

Caliburn: 14″+



Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 24 × 1 × 1 in


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